Solar Hot water system

Heating the water for your home or business with gas or electricity can be expensive- unless you are generating free hot water with solar energy. In addition to tankless (also called on demand) and conventional hot water heaters, Green Air installs Solar Thermal systems. These systems produce an abundant supply of hot water, using free, clean, quiet solar energy.

In a Solar Thermal system, roof mounted Solar collectors circulate and heat water, which is then stored in a tank with an electric or gas backup.  Solar hot water systems are also eligible for the 30% Federal Tax Credit. Depending on usage, a system will typically pay for itself in energy savings in 5-9 years.


If you’ve considered installing solar panels to save energy, but were put off by the upfront costs and South facing roof requirement, solar hot water may be worth a look. For every dollar you lower your home’s annual energy consumption, your property value is estimated to increase by $20- with no increase in property taxes. Energy efficient homes sell faster too.

Solar Thermal hot water heating

Green Air has installed energy efficient hot water systems, including Solar Thermal, for homeowners & businesses throughout Central Virginia. Call our office or submit our contact form for more information or your free estimate.