Just like a car’s engine, heating and cooling systems require maintenance on a regular basis for the most energy efficient operation & longest life.
Green Air offers a wide variety of planned maintenance services, from basic residential options to specialized commercial maintenance services- one is sure to meet your needs.


Planned maintenance saves money and prolongs system life


Richmond, Virginia has been named one of the top five cities in the country for asthma & allergy suffering. Maintaining your heating and cooling system in top condition is one of the best ways to improve indoor air quality for better health. Neglected units suffer breakdowns more often, and can lose up to 5% efficiency per year. Failure to maintain your system causes higher monthly power bills, lower indoor air quality, and decreased comfort.

Residential: Preventative service on residential equipment is done twice a year- in the Spring and Fall, when you switch between heating and cooling. These simple, affordable tune ups include a 30 point check up, reminder service, our Friends and Family discount, priority scheduling, and more. Like a tune up for your car, maintenance on your HVAC is a simple way to keep things running smoothly while preventing costly breakdowns.

Commercial: Our commercial client list includes property management companies, retail establishments, military bases, multi-family residential properties, sports arenas, offices, colleges, restaurants, hospitals, and schools. We offer maintenance services for all types of commercial heating, cooling, and ventilation equipment, including: geothermal or water source heat pumps, refrigeration, boilers, chillers, pump stations, package units, ice machines, cooling towers, split systems, generators, and more.

If you’d like to learn more about any of our maintenance plans, you can call our office, or submit the contact form here for more information.