Arial view of geothermal heating & cooling field installation
Save money & reduce your carbon footprint with ultra efficient geothermal heating & cooling

Geothermal systems harvest the Earth’s stored Solar energy for ultra energy efficient heating and cooling. These units work by circulating an antifreeze solution in a closed loop underground to capture or release warmth, depending on the season. Underground temperatures in our area remain at a constant, comfortable 60 degrees year round.  This sixty degree “harvest” means the system has far less work to do to bring a room to the desired temperature, winter or summer.

A geothermal installation can be designed for most lot sizes, and after the install is complete, no one will ever know it is there. Your main unit will be installed in your utility room, basement, mechanical room, or even in a closet, and even when it’s running, it will be nearly silent.

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The Federal Energy Tax Credit expires at the end of 2016, so time is running out to qualify for this valuable incentive.

Through the end of the year this cost offset can save you 30% of your total installation costs. Geothermal offers other benefits also- for every dollar you lower your home’s annual energy consumption, your property value is estimated to increase by $20- with no increase in property taxes, and energy efficient homes tend to sell faster.

When you trade an old, inefficient system for geothermal, you can save up to 70% each year on heating and cooling costs. The science is clear-we can expect hotter summers & colder winters in the future, along with ever rising energy costs. Geothermal heating and cooling is your energy efficient solution.

Green Air can help with financing your geothermal heat pump installation. To find out more, click the Geothermal Savings calculator link, or call us today.