“One of our favorite commercial job sites was the amazing Cooper Vineyards out in Louisa, VA. It’s just a beautiful location, with a modern, eco-friendly tasting facility and an exceptional vineyard.”



“Cooper Vineyards planned their facility on a much longer timeline than most of our clients. With the owners’ goal of LEED Platinum certification in mind, we designed and installed an energy saving, two zone geothermal system to heat and cool the building. It paid for itself in less than a decade, with the lowest possible operating cost to our customer over the lifetime of their system. Today, Green Air maintains the vineyard’s HVAC for optimum efficiency.”- Nathan Roady, President

Cooper Vineyards’ LEED platinum tasting room & production facility under construction



Geothermal heating and cooling by Green Air saves businesses money on operating costs
Cooper Vineyards’ geothermal system by Green Air keeps the facility comfortable year round while saving significant energy


Craftsman adjusts Geothermal settings
Green Air mechanic adjusting settings on one of Cooper Vineyards’ Geothermal units

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