Knowing When it’s Time for Air Conditioning Repair or Complete Replacement

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Sometimes when your air conditioning unit is on the fritz, it can be enough to make you ready to replace it without a second thought. However, in many cases, a repair can be the most affordable and convenient option. There are also cases where air conditioner repair in Richmond simply won’t cut it, and you have to splurge on a new unit. Knowing the difference is challenging, which is why we want to offer you some insight to help you make that decision.

How Old is the Air Conditioning Unit?

One of the first things that an air conditioning technician will want to know is how long the unit has been around. For instance, if you have a unit that is only five years old and the repair will be around $500, it’s almost always going to be a better idea to opt for the repair. A trade secret that one technician uses involves taking the age of the unit and multiplying that by the cost of repair. So in this case, five times $500 is $2500. If the price were over $5,000 after the calculations, it would be time to start considering replacement.

Consider Energy Efficiency

Another important aspect in determining whether air conditioning repair in Richmond is the best option is energy efficiency. If you go by the recommendations of Energy Star, your central air conditioning unit should be replaced if it is more than ten years old. You can go longer than that, with 15 years being a common suggestion from air conditioning technicians. At this point, the money you will save through efficiency will offset some of the cost of replacement.

R-22 Coolant Concerns

If you notice that your air conditioner is suddenly needing more refrigerant, that can be a sign that your AC is leaking coolant. If you need to top off your system with R-22 refrigerant (also known as Freon), it can cost up to $150 a pound. Putting in some pounds is going to add up quickly. Sometimes repairing the leak, replacing the R-22, and replacing a compressor will cost nearly as much as a new unit. This might mean it’s time to replace, not repair.

If you need air conditioning repair in Richmond, Green Air Inc. offers several services that can help. We’d be happy to discuss your options and offer consultation to determine what outcomes you can expect. To learn more, you can reach our office at 804-368-8543.