How Clean is Your Air Filtration System?

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At Green Air, we operate every day as a family-owned, family-focused business committed to providing our customers and our community with exceptional, tailored service. Our family focus continues during this difficult time, as our lives have been upended and we hold many concerns for our health and future well-being.

A common question posed in regard to defense against the new coronavirus, and the disease it causes – COVID-19 – is whether or not an air filtration system can help mitigate the spread of the virus, or clear it from a home or place of business.

Like a lot of questions regarding this virus, the exact answers are still being researched. Thus far, studies have shown that COVID-19 can remain infectious for three hours when aerosolized into floating particles, like a cough or sneeze. On surfaces, it remains viable for up to three days. For the latest information and full guidelines for protection, please visit the CDC website.

There are a couple of standards that can currently be used to give a sense of how air purification can help reduce the chances of contracting the coronavirus or other airborne illnesses.

Industry Standard Air Filtration

Most systems use HEPA – High-Efficiency Particulate Air – rated air filters that studies have shown to capture 99.97% of particles at 0.3 microns and above. Through microscopic imaging, the particles carrying the new coronavirus have been measured at about 0.125 microns in diameter, smaller than the size these filters capture at above 99%. However, “HEPA-filters” is an umbrella term and there are different quality filters that fall under it. HEPA-rated filters can and do remove smaller particles than .3 microns from the air, the rate at which is just not as well-proven and varies from filter to filter, space to space.

It’s best to think of air filtration as an additional protective measure to take against COVID-19 on top of the guidelines given by the CDC and local governments. Whether it’s during a health crisis or more normal times, air quality is something that should always be considered. A clean environment helps in the maintenance of a healthy immune system, one better suited to fight off illness. It’s easy to assume that a space that maintains a comfortable temperature is properly ventilated, but every space is different and requires different areas of focus to achieve efficient and safe ventilation.

Our motto is “The Right Way” and it’s more than just a tagline to the Green Air family. It’s the only way we know, and we work under this principle every day. We understand that these are trying times and that households and businesses of all kinds are looking at ways to continue moving forward. We pride ourselves on the customized solutions we provide for our customers. Let us help you find The Right Way.