Arial view of geothermal field installation
Geothermal systems harvest the Earth’s stored Solar energy for energy efficient heating and cooling. This view shows a geo loop field being dug. 

 Geothermal is the most energy efficient technology available today for heating and cooling. The Green Air family has been installing and servicing these systems for over a decade.

Geothermal savings calculator
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Like conventional heat pumps, geothermal systems work on a principle of heat exchange- transferring heat from one place to another.  Geo units circulate an antifreeze solution in a closed loop underground. The Earth’s stored solar energy keeps underground temperatures constant at about 60 degrees.  This sixty degree “harvest” means the system has far less work to do to bring a room to the desired temperature.

The initial investment on a geo installation is greater than on a conventional system, but you can expect the the significantly lower operating expenses over the lifetime of the system to more than offset upfront costs. Switching to geo can save up to 70% each year on  heating and cooling costs. Through the end of 2016, consumers who install a new geothermal heat pump system can also claim the Residential Energy Efficient Property Credit, which equals 30% of the total system cost.

The 30% federal tax credit expires at the end of 2016- if you’re considering geothermal, don’t wait! Call today!

If you want more information about saving money with an ultra efficient geo system, give Green Air a call or submit our contact form. Our friendly team can answer all of your questions, provide a site evaluation and a free estimate for your home or commercial property.