Commercial HVAC Services

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Would it come as a surprise if we told you that around 30% of the energy a business uses is devoted to its heating and cooling needs?  While that figure can vary with the nature of a business, the fact remains that heating and cooling are a major expense for most businesses.  While paying for heating and cooling can be expensive, losing them can be even more expensive. From threatened inventory and data to lost customers, having a problem with your business’s HVAC system is never good for your balance sheet.  That is why it is important for businesses to have reliable HVAC services. Green Air, Inc. can provide you with the affordable and reliable commercial HVAC and heating services you need to keep your business and your balance sheet comfortable.  


What makes commercial HVAC systems different from residential systems?  If you guessed the size of the system, you are on the right track. Generally speaking, commercial HVAC systems are designed to operate at a much higher capacity than residential systems.  This is true even if you compare houses with the same square footage to the commercial property, because commercial properties often have to account for customers, heat or cooling loss from open doors, and sometimes heat-creating processes like cooking.  Therefore, they experience greater stress than residential facilities. These large units can be over 150 tons, compared to the typical 2-ton residential HVAC unit.


However, capacity is not the only thing that separates residential and commercial HVAC systems.  Many of today’s business air conditioning systems have to be designed to accommodate the cooling needs of specialized data storage areas in a business.  These cold corridors and warm corridors, which designate where cool air enters into data storage racks and warm air exits these racks, are coordinated with the overall HVAC design to increase energy efficiency.


In addition, many commercial HVAC systems are large roof-top systems, which requires different maintenance and repair guidelines than traditional outdoor HVAC systems.  When properly maintained, these systems can provide efficient energy for a lifetime of roughly 20 years. That is why it is important to have them routinely serviced, including cleaning evaporator coils, cleaning condenser coils, inspecting for and replacing worn parts, ensuring all parts are properly lubricated, and inspecting all ductwork.  


Of course, even with proper maintenance, sometimes HVAC units fail.  If you lose heating or cooling ability, we offer emergency services to get you fully operational as quickly as possible.  That is why Green Air, Inc. should be your commercial heating and cooling choice, whether you need a new system, a routine inspection, or a repair.